Two People At Five Guys

Maybe it's my Southern California roots, but when I want cheap, fast and delicious burgers, my loyalty remains with In N Out. When I heard about this supposed "rival," I was hesitant and weary. Is it gunna be good? Is it even worth trying? Well, I managed to go this far without trying it, but this particular Saturday, we drove to Five Guys with an open mind and and empty stomachs. As total newbie's, we walked in and stared at the menu for a good 5 minutes, even though it's relatively small. Sensing our "first-timer" vibe, the guy taking orders quickly explained the menu to us and off we were ordering. One thing that was an immediate turn off was that they display the calories on the menu. Look--I know as a society, we are trying to move forward in a healthy direction but please, anyone eating at Five Guys KNOWS that it's not going to be a healthy meal. My boyfriend announced he wasn't going to order soda to be healthy--after he ordered the double-patty burger....right. But anyways, after we ordered we headed to a table and on our way, noticed that they have barrels of peanuts! What a fun addition. Time for the actual meal. The fries were decent...but I prefer a thinner cut and the burgers were tasty. Was I blown away? No. Five stars for Five Guys? Ehhh, try a solid 3.5.

[Peanut appetizer]
[Golden french fries]
[Time to salt]
[Burger shot]
460 N. Sepulveda   El Segundo, CA 90245   (310) 322-0155

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  1. I LOVE five guys! You need to get the cajun fries next time. Beyond delicious.