Candy Cane Brownies

Last Friday was my office's holiday party which means I hadddd to bring in a sweet treat! I was thinking of making cupcakes (an office fave), but I decided to switch it up. Since this was a holiday party, I wanted the dessert to be festive. I came up with the easiest and most delicious recipe for candy cane brownies! You can easily use store bought ingredients or you can get really "Martha Stewart" and use home made ingredients. Follow along below to make your own:


-Your Favorite Brownies (i.e. Box mix, Home made, Store bought)
-White Icing (can from the store or homemade)
-1 Box of Candy Canes
-Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips


1. If you made your own brownies, cut into even squares. If you purchased pre-made brownies, simply place them on a tin foiled baking sheet.

2. Unwrap the individual candy canes and place them in a zip lock bag. Crush them into fine pieces (some larger pieces are good as well).

3. Frost each brownie with the white icing.

4. Generously sprinkle with the crushed candy canes & semi-sweet chocolate chips.

5. Enjoy!

*These Candy Cane Brownies end up resembling Peppermint Bark, but are even more delicious because the chocolate layer on the bottom is a rich brownie instead of just chocolate!

 [Slicing my brownies into even squares]
 [Placed the brownie squares on a tin foiled baking sheet]
 [Crushing the candy canes with a sturdy wooden spoon]
 [The final product]


  1. Yummmmm! These look so good! I'm in charge of bringing dessert to our Christmas dinner this year...maybe I should make these!

  2. What a simple recipe! I'm definitely going to try these for the holidays...

  3. Fun! These are so festive. You were right...this recipe is pretty easy. I think even I could make these, hah!

  4. Wow these look amazing!!! Thanks for posting... *rushes off to make candy cane brownies*

  5. These look so good! I need to try this out myself :) ♥

  6. Okay, so my plans for the afternoon have completely changed now. Thanks for posting the recipe and feel free to drop by me too when you have time.

  7. I am really regretting my healthy dinner right now. Wish I could wash it down with some of these instead!