Downtown Pies on a Hipster Saturday

There are those whose watch everything they eat, and then there's me - dessert and food loving me. Don't let my size fool you - my appetite is quite impressive. So naturally, when we were in the area for a craft fair, I had to rush across the street to the Pie Hole. Let's back track first and discuss this "craft fair" which was less of fun, homemade trinkets and more stores that brought their over-priced goods for sale on rickety tables in a non air-conditioned warehouse. After a few minutes of running into every hipster in the city, everyone in my group decided the stuffy and crowded conditions were in no way conducive to our relaxing Saturday plans. And no, I did not want to purchase a leather-fringed bracelet for $495.

Back to the treats.

The Pie Hole is a quaint spot which guessed it, delicious pies. Even though I was previously full from our lunch just an hour or two ago, I couldn't escape without trying the miniature lemon meringue pie. My sister got a slice of chocolate peanut butter torte (which I forgot to snap a pic of) but I was immediately jealous of her choice when I realized it was topped with sea salt. I'd like to say I was a pioneer of the sweet/savory combo as I have been mixing strange foods for years, but I will relinquish my ownership claims for anyone who wants to pair chocolate or caramel with sea salt for me to purchase. Have some free time? Venture downtown for some pies...make sure you call me - I'll be
sure to join.

714 Traction Ave   Los Angeles, CA 90013   (213) 537-0115

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