Happy Birthday...to ME!

My birthday is actually tomorrow, but since my dad's birthday is on the 16th, we decided to have a joint celebratory dinner at The Palm on Saturday, which so happens, to be one of my favorite restaurants! There is something about that restaurant that I just loveeee. I'm a classic steak and potatoes kinda girl, so I obviously love the menu options here. But besides the food being fantastic, I love the atmosphere as well. It has a very "old Hollywood" feel to it, and it's not just because there are cartoon pictures of celebrities from the past and present covering the walls. The dark wooden booths, traditional wait staff and dim lighting make this restaurant an instant classic. All in all, it was a great birthday dinner. Oh, and did I mention that I took down a 16 oz. New York Strip and could barely move afterwards? Yeah, that happened.

9001 Santa Monica Blvd.   Los Angeles, CA 90069   (310) 550-8811

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