Can I Be The Fairest Of Them All!

It's the weekend… I want to be outside… I've been craving some fried food…PERFECT. Off to the OC Fair!

I have to say, I secretly love fairs and carnivals--even weird festivals. Maybe because I'm actually still 5 years old and like to play silly games and eat unhealthy food. Regardless of my childhood tendencies, I managed to convince my boyfriend to make the trek down to Orange County.

Once we exited the freeway there were signs on the street directing us to a parking structure. We ended up parking in a business parking garage and had to get shuttled over to the fairgrounds. Strange? Yes. But I welcomed the air conditioning and amazing people watching/observing. Let me tell ya… fair folk are an interesting bunch!

Once we got there, it was fair heaven! Tons of rides and food stand after food stand lined up to make a convenient pathway that you can stroll down. I'm a true junk food junkie and I immediately felt overwhelmed by the amount of choices! How are you supposed to choose from ice cream and cotton candy and BBQ and french fries and…. oh, wait! A gigantic blooming onion? That became my first food purchase of the day. Following that was some strawberry lemonade only to be finished off with the piece de resistance…. a fried klondike bar and fried oreos! They were delicious at the time, but my stomachache that lasted the rest of the day, was not.

I did forget to mention the over-priced ride tickets and said rides that lasted for 30 seconds but hey, I guess that is to be expected.

Fun day at the fair.

[Giant blooming onion]
[Taking a picture of the ferris wheel]
[Fried Klondike bar]

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