I'll Have Some More, Please...

So, I just realized I've done a lot of posts regarding my birthday! Okay, okay… I guess I'm a little obsessed with birthdays…more like all the fun stuff I get to do! But alas, the endless celebrations have in fact, come to an end. So enough of that, time to tell you about this delicious Mexican restaurant I went to on Sunday!

I decided to hang out with my parents on Sunday… I'm so nice, I know. My dad had just gotten back from the Farmer's Market and my mom had just gotten home from running errands. I had just arrived, and like a typical 20-something, I hadn't eaten yet and was more than ready for a meal paid for by my parents! 

We decided to try this restaurant called Ortega 120 on PCH in Redondo Beach. Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE Mexican food. I could honestly eat it every day. Because I have dined at numerous Mexican restaurants throughout Los Angeles, I have become a bit of a chip snob. Right off the bat, the first thing I judge a Mexican restaurant on is….their chips! If they are going to dish out a lousy old bowl of burnt, or stale chips, you've already lost my vote! However, Ortega 120 sure did it right. The chips were hot and crispy and altogether, totally delicious. We started with the corn…calle… uh, something like that (I forgot the name) which was excellent! Wow--I could've eaten that all day. My mom got a jalapeƱo scramble while my dad opted for a spicy soup and I chose the Tres Sopes which were filled with carnitas, shredded beef, and chicken. Yes, yes, and yum. Will I go back again? You betcha.

[Chips and drinks]
[Such delicious corn]
[Tres sopes....amazing]

1814 S. Pacific Coast Highway   Redondo Beach, CA 90277   (310) 792-4120

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