Back 2 School

It was time for my brother to go back to school and with an afternoon flight, we decided upon a fun brunch, instead of dinner. We have our list of favorite spots, but I have to admit, most have been exhausted. I suddenly thought of the most decadent brunch spot I could think of. And when I say decadent, I'm talking ice cream… for breakfast!

26 Beach is located on Washington in Marina Del Rey and it is quite the brunch spot. I called at 9am in hopes of securing a reservation, but alas, they only take walk-ins (of course). I was hoping the line wouldn't be too long, but when we pulled up, I saw a fair amount of people waiting outside in the direct sunlight (uh, that doesn't look fun). They told us that the wait was an hour, but it eventually ended up being more like 25 minutes. Annoying, but do-able. 

My family had never eaten there before but my boyfriend and I had and we knew immediately what we wanted. My dad got the Miso salad, my brother go some sort of ridiculous platter that had French toast, fried chicken wings and eggs, my sister got a salmon scramble, my mother got the S'mores French Toast, my boyfriend got the Polar Bear, and I proudly ordered the Peaches n' Cream which is croissant French toast topped with peaches, caramelized pecans, and delicious buttery/sugary sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce. I told you it was decadent right? Suffice it to say, healthy eating was on no one's mind that morning and because the portions were so large, we all ended up sampling each others plates. I was so full I could barely move when we left, but it was DEFINITELY worth it. If you secretly think your 5 years old like I do and want to eat ice cream for breakfast, pop into 26 Beach for a splendid time!

{Mid convo}
[Posing at brunch]

3100 Washington Blvd.   Marina del Rey, CA 90292   (310) 823-7526

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