Breakfast Burritos...For Dinner!

I recently decided that I need to expand my cooking skills. I love to cook dinner for my boyfriend, even though he always complains how much of a mess I make (woops). I was racking my brain for what sounded good to eat that night…chicken, steak…eh. Nothing was sounding too appealing. And then it hit me-breakfast burritos…for dinner! Yes, this is kind of an oxymoron as it should really be called dinner burrito, but that's just goofy. Who says you can't have breakfast for dinner? When I was in college and living in my sorority house, our favorite dinner was when they would do breakfast at night! So I headed off to Ralph's, picked up my ingredients and proceeded to make, if I do say so myself, a wonderful breakfast burrito dinner. Follow along below to make your own!


-2 Large Tortillas or Wraps (I chose a spinach wrap: available at any grocery store)
-A Dozen Eggs
-Shredded Mexican Blend Cheese
-1 Package of Bacon
-1 Onion
-3 Russet Potatoes


First, you need to peel and boil the potatoes until tender (about 25 minutes). Next, cut the potatoes into cubes. Coat a frying pan with olive oil and throw the potatoes in. Cook at medium heat until the potatoes have a nice browned outer layer. Now, dice your onion to fill 1/2 cup. Put aside for later use. Time to cook the bacon. When done, put aside in a warming dish, or under foil (this keeps the heat in). Now it is time to cook the eggs. Get a second frying pan and lightly cover it in butter. Throw your 1/2 cup of onions and cook until they are translucent. Now, you can throw in 6 eggs and scramble everything up. Lay out your tortilla and layer with the eggs, then the bacon, then the potatoes and finally, sprinkle with cheese and wrap the tortilla up to make a nice, large burrito. Take your first bite, and never look back!

*Note: You can cook the ingredients in a different order if it is easier for you, but the eggs must always be cooked last! Eggs take the quickest to cook and, cold eggs are gross! Also, fresh fruit tastes great with these. I opted for some strawberries because they were in season.

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