It's Time For Johnnie's {Pastrami}

It's a hot Monday, so for lunch, I decided to go with a hot pastrami! Not just any pastrami sandwich was in order. My boss happens to love Johnnie's Pastrami in particular. I had never been, and after hearing numerous stories about how good it was, I succumbed to his lunch suggestion and off we went to Culver City for a culinary delight! Let me tell ya, this LA establishment did not disappointment. I knew we were off to a good start when my coke arrived with crushed ice (a must). We each ordered the hot pastrami with swiss and one order of french fries. The order of fries was generous and delicious and was a great complement to the large and filling sandwiches. I could only make it through one half (happy boyfriend gets the other), but that one half was enough to convert me into a Johnnie's believer! If you're a serious luncher, lookin' for a good meal, don't hesitate to head on over...

[Crushed ice is amazinggg]
[Golden french fries]
[Looks so much bigger in real life]

4017 Sepulveda Blvd.   Culver City, CA 90230   (310) 397-6654

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