Double, Double, Toil &... Cupcakes!

I was at Ralph's yesterday and I was feeling in the Halloween spirit and decided it was time to create a festive treat for my co-workers! I decided upon chocolate cupcakes--a natural fave. I considered making them from scratch, but quickly dismissed that idea when I remembered how quick and simple the box mix can be. Just because you are using a box mix, doesn't mean you can't make them your own! Follow my directions below to make your own Halloween treat!

What You Need:
-1 Box of Cupcake Mix (eggs, oil, water)
-1 Can of Frosting
-Bag of Candy Corn
-Halloween Platter/Dish/Tray

Follow the simple instructions on the back of the cupcake mix box. Once baked and cooled, frost each cupcake and place (1) candy corn on top. Then, position them on your serving tray and sprinkle the remaining candy corn around the cupcakes so you have a festive, colorful, Halloween treat!

[Cupcakes are ready to be frosted]
[Vanilla icing is the best]
[Candy corn time]
[Decorated & ready to go]


  1. Great post!! So festive for Halloween.

    1. Thanks! It's definitely a fun and easy way to get into the Halloween spirit! I'll be sure to check out your blog soon.


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  3. Oh my, these are so cute and look so yummy!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. Thanks for dropping by, I LOVE candy corn so these are def. a YES on my to-do list!

    Good luck on your witches!! You can find the straws over at TJMAXX or online!