Shackin' Up On Saturday

I spent last night drinking and dancing for hours on end. As a result, I woke up with a killer hangover and a killer hankering for some delicious food that would hopefully get me out my post-partying funk. I knew right away that the cure was some lomo saltado from the Chicken Shack in Hermosa Beach!

This Peruvian establishment may trick you because the name includes the word "chicken" and while their rotisserie chicken (which they are supposed to be famous for) is quite good, it is their lomo saltado which keeps me coming back time and time again! For those of you who don't know what lomo saltado is, I shall explain: tender chunks of seasoned beef that are sauteed with red onions and tomatoes and served over a bed of golden french fries and served with garlic rice (are you drooling yet?) Because I'm a french fry addict, I like to forego the rice and get more french fries... even though I can neverrrr finish them all. From the street, you could drive past this over and over again and never notice it. But once you eat there, you will never pass by it unnoticed again! After our meal, I can say that I am completely satisfied... but not feeling much better. Oh well, I tried!

[The Chicken Car]
[Hungry and ready to eat]
[Coca always]
[Lomo Saltado]

1030 Aviation Blvd.   Hermosa Beach, CA 90254   (310) 372-1522


  1. @Maylee Yah, the car is the best part! :)

  2. That looks so good! I need to go there!

  3. I LOVE Peruvian food! Too bad I don't like close to Hermosa Beach, because this place looks delicious!