El Tepeyac: More Por Favor

I have a confession...I had some of my the best Mexican food in Los Angeles...and it wasn't at one of my usual spots...

I am in fact a creature of habit, but my father decided it was time we ventured out to Boyle Heights to dine at the famous, local spot - El Tepeyac. I know this restaurant has been featured on numerous TV shows which claim the food is to die for, but usually, I'm a little skeptical...is it really going to be that good? Well, I did have to eat my words in this case. And that wasn't the only eating I was doing that day. I ate my shredded beef tacos like they were going to be the last thing I ever ate. The food is authentic and delicious and the waiting line out the door is a testament to this. Don't worry - the line moves fast. Within minutes, you will be scarfing down chips and guacamole and deciding which gigantic burrito (house specialty) you will be ordering. 

 [El Tepeyac Menu]
 [Guacamole, Please!]
 [Fresh Chips...GREAT]
[Carnitas Plate]
 [Shredded Beef Tacos, Rice & Beans]
 [Cheese Enchilada]

812 N. Evergreen Ave   Los Angeles, CA 90033   (323) 268-1960


  1. Craving Mexican food now!


  2. yummmmm!!

  3. Amazing post! Have a nice weekend:)


  4. YUMMMM. I want all of this food!