Birthday Dinner: Top Round Roast Beef

Birthdays have lost a certain magic ever since themed parties and goodie bags ceased to exist. While my childhood was filled with Wizard of Oz and Barbie-themed parties, my early-twenties life has replaced those with long nights out of drinking and dancing. In a sense there were still goodie bags - wait, I don't think leftover cake or extra alcohol constitutes as proper takeaways. 

This year I turned 26 - old! Instead of gathering the troops for a night on the town, I opted for a quiet night out to dinner with my boyfriend. My mom and sister don't eat meat, so when I scoped out Top Round on a fellow foodie website, I knew I was going to have a difficult time convincing my family to join me. But hey, they can stay at home. On the day of my birth, a day when I get to make all decisions, I didn't ask, I told my boyfriend that we were going. He happily obliged. The menu consists of three things: roast beef sandwiches, curly fries and frozen custard. As I sat on the corner of La Brea & Olympic enjoying my food I thought to myself, 26 ain't so bad...

 [Top Round]
 [Outside View]
 [Delicious Menu]
 [Ordering Window]
 [Old-Fashioned Tables]
 [Our Meals]
 [Close Up of the Beef & Cheese]
 [Close Up of the Black & Blue]
[Frozen Custard]

1000 S. La Brea Ave   Los Angeles, CA 90019   (323) 549-9445   

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  1. This place looks so cute! And the food looks delicious as well.