Beer Belly: Not For the Faint of Stomach

As an avid Food Network-watcher, there are a few restaurants that I see repeated across shows - Beer Belly was one of them. I was glued to the screen watching them prepare duck fat fries with duck confit and a grilled cheese that looked like it could kill a man, and knew it was a sign from the food gods above when I heard that this majestic restaurant was in Los Angeles, my hometown...

I had to go.

It was a family affair - I dragged along my parents, sister and my boyfriend. Everything on the menu looked delicious, but we decided on the duck fat fries, grilled cheese, housemade beer & cheese brat, fried chicken, duck french dip and fried Oreos for dessert. Okay - that actually sounds like a serious amount of food, and in truth - it was! This is a restaurant where one could be wheeled out and not feel one ounce of shame. Every dish was heavy, rich and downright tasty. If you are on a diet, steer clear of this establishment. Or, go anyways and relish that cheat day... it's totally worth it.

Beer Belly is in a funky location. It's right in the middle of K-Town on Western...not easily seen by the street. It's pushed back in this parking lot, but if you're hungry enough, you'll spot it - don't worry. See that "Park" sign pointing to the right? Yeah, that's no joke. The parking lot in front of their own restaurant is not for them. Bizarre, I know.

 [The Duck French Dip]
 [Housemade Beef & Cheese Brat]
 [Buttermilk Fried Chicken]
[The Beer Belly Grilled Cheese]
 [Death by Duck]
 [Deep Fried Oreos]
[These Deserve a Close Up]

This particular day boasted a warm temp of 90+ degrees. Here's a little tip - they don't have air conditioning. It wasn't unbearable, but I would have enjoyed devouring my grilled cheese a little more with some artificial cold air pumping through the restaurant. Good thing LA has about 2 days a year of this ridiculous heat. Come fall, guess who will be knockin' on their door...

532 S. Western Ave.   Los Angeles, CA    (213) 387-2337

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