Lady M: Mille Crepes S'il Vous Plait

Mille crepes...those are the only two words you need to know at the moment. My high school French class skills allow me to still remember what mille means -- a thousand. A thousand crepes... who wouldn't want that? A mille crepe cake might not contain an actual thousand crepes, but there are a lot of layers upon layers of crepes filled with cream and sugar and everything delicious. As of now, Lady M is one of the only places who sells this amazing dessert.

 [Treating this box as if there were gold inside]

Oh yes, like any "new" or "trendy" thing in Los Angeles, there will be a line. I'm not sure if it is simply due to the dense population in this city, or people's obsession with trying the latest and greatest. I'm guessing it's more the latter, but I can't make fun since I was right there in line with 'em. Here's a hint -- the line outside is to sit at a table inside. If you want "to go" you can simply walk inside and line up by the counter. Much quicker.

 {Admiring the goods]
 [Banana Cake - def getting this next time]
 [Full green tea mille crepes]
 [Full red velvet cake]

The Lady M employees carefully slice each cake with a hot knife in order to keep this delicate confection in place. I understand the precision is necessary, but -- this is not a quick process.

We decided to try all the mille crepes flavors they had that day which were lemon, coconut, original and green tea. As expected, the price seemed a little steep for a such a small slice, but these babies pack in some rich, fantastic flavor well worth their hefty price tag.

This close up of the green tea mille crepes really shows you just how many layers of crepes are in there! The texture is very almost don't even taste the crepes as they blend together with the delicious cream.

 [Close up of the original]

I expected the original flavor to be the most boring of the four, but boy, was I wrong. This was by far my family and my personal favorite. The top has a crunchy texture--almost like a creme brulee and the overall flavor was spectacular. If you haven't tried a mille crepes cake, you are truly missing out.

8718 We. 3rd Street   Los Angeles, CA 90048   (424) 297-9495

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