Sweet Lady Jane: Dessert Extravaganza

Even after a gigantic dinner, I can never pass up dessert. The restaurant we were at on a summer Saturday night had a less-than-impressive dessert menu and that simply wouldn't do! I closed my eyes and pictured what would be my ideal dessert at the moment and all I could think of was fresh berries, whipped cream and cake that melts in your mouth... the only place that has a dessert this magical is Sweet Lady Jane...

This is the sea salt brownie. When it was placed on our table, the size threw me off - I could eat that in one bite! But... after having one bite, the richness showed me why it is doled out in miniature size. If you have read some of my previous posts, you will know that I'm a sweet/salty fanatic so this dessert was right up my alley.

This...my dear friends, is the berry cake. Pictures actually don't to it justice because you can't eat a picture and nothing compares to a bite of this cake. Although it looks rich and dense, it is actually incredibly light and airy.

 [About to clean the plate]

8360 Melrose Ave   Los Angeles, CA   (323) 653-7145

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