Bike 2 Brunch: Axe on Abbot Kinney

I love Abbot Kinney in Venice, but what I don't love is the parking situation. Living close by and owning bicycles can easily fix that bad situation. So we took off on a dreary Saturday morning, biking through the canals - which, by the way, was quite the work out - and ended up at Axe on Abbot Kinney. With bare walls, sparse decoration and modern furniture, we surveyed the scene--hoping the food would be as innovative and unique as the restaurant.

[Chai Tea Latte]

Now - I'm not a huge fan of chai tea lattes, but after my mom was raving about the flavor, I had to try a sip. Served with your choice of regular or almond milk and fresh, thick honey, this one drink was enough for me to want to come back time and time again. Absolutely delicious.

[Amazing Honey... So Thick & Flavorful]

Okay - here is the housemade made almond milk in all its glory. For $8 a glass, you might consider pressing those almonds yourself, but when my father downed it with a smile on his face, I could tell he was thoroughly impressed.

This is the vegetable soup with a poached egg on top. I'm not much of a soup-for-brunch type of gal, but my dad was raving about this dish. As he licked the bowl clean, I took this as a testament to the deliciousness of the dish.

Axe is famous for this 9-grain pancake. They even sell the pancake batter! This was the standout dish by far. Even though it doesn't look huge, it was incredibly filling and my boyfriend who ordered this dish, was ready and willing to share towards the end of the meal. You might be wondering what 9 grains are in this pancake, and so were we. However, when we asked the incredibly informed waitress, she was only able to tell us 6. Interesting...

[Oatmeal Raisin Scone]
[2 Eggs Scrambled with Melted Onions & Goat Cheese]

Here was my mom's one, lonely poached egg. Everything comes a la carte here so if you looking for a plate stacked with extras, you might want to steer clear. But if you want to enjoy fresh and great-tasting food, pop into Axe and enjoy.

1009 Abbot Kinney Blvd.   Venice, CA 90291   (310) 664-9787

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