The Time Has Come...To Try a Cronut

Although my large sweet tooth is evident and I usually jump at the chance to satisfy it, I found myself slacking on the ever-popular cronut trend. I've seen hundreds of pictures on Pinterest and other blog posts and trust me, they've all caught my eye, so I'm not sure why I haven't hunted down this infamous treat yet.

Apparently in Manhattan, there are hour-long wait lines wrapped around the block (are you kidding me) and limits on how many you can purchase (uh, what). So when I stopped into my local bakery, walked up to the counter and saw, to my surprise, a tray of cronuts glistening beneath the glass case, you can sure bet that my eyes lit up. I didn't have to hunt down a bakery in Los Angeles, I didn't have to wait in line for an hour and I didn't have to limit my order. Since I was picking up some breakfast treats just for my mom and myself, I decided to show some constraint and purchased one, solitary cronut...and a bear claw and some donuts too, woops.

I wish I could say I was blown away and all of my expectations were exceeded, but I am saddened to report that my cronut experience was sub-par. Perhaps my too-easy acquirement of this pastry robbed me of the "magical" experience. Maybe, this local bakery was jumping on the trend band-wagon and didn't take time to perfect it. Whatever the reasons, I don't see myself entering the cronut-obsessed world anytime soon. I guess everyone will be happy to hear this - one less person they have to wait behind in line. You are welcome.

 [Cronut Time]
 [Close Up]
[Can You Spot the Cronut?]

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