The Easiest Banana Pancakes...Ever

A lot of times I find recipes that claim to be super easy… and then it turns out, you need 100 ingredients and professional cooking appliances. Well, this recipe I'm about to tell you about really is… I mean really is SO simple! I made this one up on a Saturday morning and have been whipping it up every since! These pancakes are delicious and are literally done in 10 minutes. The combination of fresh and store-bought ingredients are key to this recipe. Trust me, you'll be making these time and time again...


- 3 Bananas
- 1 Carton of Bisquick Shake N' Pour
- Cinnamon Sugar
- Syrup
- 1 Stick of Butter

Turn your stove to medium heat to warm up your pan/griddle. Next, mash up one of the bananas into a paste. Open up your Bisquick carton and dump the mashed banana inside along with the recommended amount of water. Shake vigorously so that all of the ingredients are combined. Next, pour out the mixture onto your griddle and flip once you see bubbles popping up. Once the pancakes are a light brown color, transfer one at a time onto your serving plate while sprinkling cinnamon sugar in between each layer. Once you have your full stack, top with sliced bananas and cover in syrup. Then, grab your fork and enjoy!

Ta Da!!!

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