Griddle Cafe on Sunset

Griddle Cafe has to be one of my favorite breakfast spots in all of LA. But there is one set back... 100000 other people agree with me which means there is a line down the block every Saturday and Sunday. This past Saturday, my family and I thought we'd beat the system and wake up super early and get there at 8:30. No one in LA wakes up before 10...right? WRONG. There was still a huge line, but we lucked out and only had to wait for about 15 minutes. 

They are known for their hugeeeee pancakes with decadent toppings. We got "Mounds of Pleasure" to split for the table which is based on a Mounds bar...that means lots of chocolate, lots of coconut, and lots of whipped cream. These pancakes are so ridiculously sweet and delicious, you dont even need syrup. And if you can finish them all, you have a seriously large stomach. My boyfriend got the classic French toast, I got a baked potato scramble (potatoes, green onions, cheese, sour cream), my dad got a scramble with veggies, and my mom got a chorizo breakfast burrito. Everything was...outstanding. If you want to experience this amazing breakfast you've been warned...bring you lawn chair as you will be waiting on the sidewalk. But here's a secret, it's totally worth it!

[You can't even imagine what this menu has inside...]
[How can you possibly decide?!]
[Breakfast burrito with homemade tortilla chips]
[Baked potato omelette]
[Veggie scramble]
[French toast with lots & lots of syrup]
[The Finale: Best Pancakes Ever]

7916 W Sunset Blvd   Hollywood, CA 90046   (323) 874-0377

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  1. OMG all of that food looks sooo good. But the best is the french toast! That is my favorite breakfast food.

  2. That pancake looks to die for!!! I wish I could have that for breakfast tomorrow :)

  3. That's kind of far from where I live, but I think it looks worth the trip!

  4. Oh my lawd! This is my kind of place! hahaha That french toast and pancakes looks delightful. YUMMMMMMMMM

    1. Haha, YES--this place is amazing and the French Toast was beyond good.

  5. Nermmmmmm, I want everything, but especially the French toast!