Cooks County: Brunch For Five

Waking up on a Saturday morning always brings about feelings of excitement. It's the first day of the weekend - what shall we do? 

Brunch, of course! 

My father mysteriously texted me, "Reservations at noon." We were to meet at my apartment to find out where our Saturday eats were about to take place. Heading down Beverly with empty stomachs, I was happy to feel the car slow down at Cooks County. What followed was a beyond-delicious meal filled with BLT's, baked pancakes and pastries.

This baked pancake was to die for. Each bite was cripsy on the outside and soft and doughnut-like on the inside. Did I just say doughnut? Yes, I did. Who wouldn't want a plate-sized doughnut? This also came with blueberry compote (not pictured) which at the end of the meal, I was eating with a spoon. Never be wasteful...

Fried eggs are a brunch standard, but fried eggs with perfectly-seasons chickpeas, yogurt, harissa and a slice of olive toast - not so standard.

 [Ham & Cheese Scramble]

My father had a little discussion with the waiter before he ordered his BLT. He made him aware of his frustration of ordering BLT's at restaurants where the B is missing and you end up eating an LT sandwich. It's a valid point because really, who wants to eat lettuce and tomato on bread - boring! You need the star of the sandwich to be plentiful. After being assured that a generous portion of bacon would be included, he happily ordered the BLT - and threw in some avocado 'cause everything is better with a little avocado, right?

 [Cheddar Buttermilk Biscuit]
[Pastries - Jelly Donut, Ginger Scone, Biscuit & Raspberry Muffin]
 {We obviously hated all of them...]
 [Some fancy fancy beer]
 [Inside of the restaurant]

Cooks County did not disappoint and just might become a new brunch staple for my family. Not only were our meals delicious, but the fresh ingredients and innovations were not lost amongst our minds and taste buds. After my sister told the waiter how much she enjoyed the iced tea he offered to give her a to-go cup. 5 stars for you, sir!

8009 Beverly Blvd.   Los Angeles, CA   90048   (323) 653-8009


  1. I live for brunch. I really do. And this one looks like a winner!

    1. I know, brunch is my favorite! This place was quite good...